our roots

Brokenhead Company was established at the very beginning of 2015 in my home kitchen at Broken Head Beach, a beautiful sleepy haven just south of Byron Bay. My days at this time were free, and consisted of a natural sunrise wake, a short stroll down the bush track to the beach, crouching down to say hello to our resident echidna, sitting beneath a Banksia tree in the sand dunes, meditating, stripping off and diving into the salty ocean, wrapping my sarong around me and walking back through the bush to my home where I looked out over the rainforest and untouched beach, ate my breakfast and wondered what I'd do that day. Living in harmony with the rhythms of nature and having each day as a blank canvas to be painted however I pleased fuelled me with creativity and inspiration, and I naturally returned to the things I love best...

...creating meals, experimenting with different foods, shopping at the farmers' markets and making everything from scratch. During this period I made coconut milk for the first time, and I loved it! I was amazed that there wasn't anyone Australia wide offering a freshly made coconut milk, so... I decided to do it! I approached a few cafes who took it on, and very shortly through word of mouth it began to grow. Since then our product range has increased to include other delicious milks, chocolates, cakes, balls, ice creams and savoury items, and we're still growing!

All our creations are organic, natural, fair trade, cruelty free, vegan, non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free and soy free, and we source the best quality ingredients available. We are inspired to provide nutritious, delicious products to the world, and love that we can offer people options that are better for their health and for the environment.  We are also working on becoming a completely waste free workplace! I am forever committed to these values and ethics, they give me a deep sense of pride and integrity.

My inspiration definitely stems from my family, they have always had a strong connection with food. My whole life my grandfather has grown vegetables for our entire family, and we ate completely organically long before most people even knew what it meant. I got to know what real, nutritious food tasted like and felt like in my body, and I'm passionate about sharing that with others through our products.

Seeing as our products are some of my favourite things, I thought it fitting that they be named after some of my favourite things! My favourite people, my favourite travel dreams, my favourite things to give, my favourite feelings... What a wonderful thing to be surrounded by the things you love each day!

With love, gratitude and thanks,


P.S. The first photograph is one I took exploring Broken Head some perfect day a few summers ago, the second photograph I took after a meditation one morning at Broken Head Beach, during the time described above, under that very Banksia tree.